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The United States created military space forces

Mike Pence

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The US Vice President Mike Pence announced the creation of Space Forces following President Trump’s desire for the United States to dominate space.

“The time has come to write down the next chapter of our Armed Forces history to prepare for the next battlefield where the best and boldest Americans will be called upon to thwart and defeat a new wave of threats against our nation and our country. The moment to create the US Space Force”, said Mike Pence in statement in the Pentagon. “America will always seek peace in space, as on the Earth. But history proves that peace only comes through strength, and in the realm of outer space, the United States Space Force will be that strength in the years ahead”, added he.

The US Vice President told that these Space Forces are now preparing to become the sixth kind of US Armed Forces, as Trump ordered in May.

However, as the creation of a new kind of armed forces must be approved by the US Congress, Mike Pence said the move would be phased in with the aim to create space forces by 2020. He asked Congress to approve an additional 8 billion USD budget for the next five years.

The new military branch will be responsible for a range of capabilities, including the US-made Global Position System (GPS) and technologies that guide and track missile launches.

At the moment, the US Air Force is responsible for space.