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The United States is stepping up pressure on Europe for sanctions against Iran

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The United States is stepping up pressure on European countries in connection with the country’s exit from the Iranian nuclear agreement. According to the words of the Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser John Bolton, it is quite possible the United States to sanction European countries if they continue to work with Iran.
Earlier this month, the US president withdrew the United States from the deal with Iran, which had to put the end of Tehran’s nuclear program. According to Donald Trump, he did not perform his duties, but his decision was in sharp criticism from the UK, Germany and France.
In Washington, they hope that Europe will also give up the Iranian agreement. But they do not exclude sanctions against “any state that assists Iran in its desire to receive nuclear weapons”, as the US president notes. Any such state will be “severely sanctioned”, the US president said during his statement last week.
Besides Europe, Russia and China have also supported the agreement.
According to John Bolton, The European officials were surprised by the US decision to give up the nuclear issue with Iran and amazed by the strict sanctions imposed by the country.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, on his part, is trying to mitigate the tone. He commented that US action was not aimed at Europeans, and Washington would work with its allies to resolve the issue.
“I hope that in the days and weeks we will be able to reach a deal that will really work that will really protect the world from the bad habits of Iran not only from its nuclear program, but also from rockets and their evils”, said Mike Pompe . But he is also adamant that European companies working with Iran may be subject to sanctions by the United States.
Trump’s goal, removing the country from the deal, is to protect the interests of the United States, says Mike Pompeo and predicts difficult talks with Europeans in the coming days.