The US imposed new sanctions against Venezuela | Finance and Markets

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Washington has stepped up pressure on Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro through new measures, which aims disrupting gold exports from the South American country, revealed the White House National Security Advisor John Bolton.

During a speech in Miami, Florida, John Bolton has promised that US President Donald Trump’s administration will take a firm position against the “dictators and despots off the US coast” indicating Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

According to John Bolton, Donald Trump has signed a decree prohibiting the US citizens from doing business and engaging in transactions with organizations and individuals involved in “corrupt or fraudulent” gold purchases from Venezuela.

The White House National Security Advisor added that within a few days the US State Department would add more than 25 legal entities to the list of Cuban organizations related to the island’s military and secret services, to which the US will impose sanction. The US citizens and companies will not be allowed to have a commercial relationship with them.

Bolton accused Cuba of helping the Maduro government in Venezuela.