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Trump smooths obtaining permits for major infrastructure projects

major infrastructure projects

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The US President Donald Trump signed a bill to speed up the issuance of permits for construction of motorways, bridges and other major construction projects. The bill is part from his 1 trillion USD investment plan to modernize outdated infrastructure in the country. The decree text was not available immediately after signing. Earlier sources have indicated that it repeals a decree by former President Barack Obama imposing rigorous building standards for government-funded projects to reduce the possible impact of external factors such as floods as a result of sea level rise and other climate change effects.
“We will no longer allow our magnificent country’s infrastructure to collapse and destroy”, said Trump at a press conference in Trump Tower. “While we are protecting the environment, we will build brilliant new roads, bridges, railways, waterways, tunnels and highways. We will rebuild our country with American workers, American iron, American aluminum and American steel”, said the US President.
By abolishing Obama’s standards, Trump hopes to speed up infrastructure project procedures.
Separately, a White House spokesman said that the Decree sets a two-year deadline for completing authorization procedures for major infrastructure plans and creates a protocol for a “federal level decision” for major projects.
Trump reminded that for the construction of the 103-storey skyscraper Empire State Building in New York were needed only 11 months, and now permission for major construction projects takes years.