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The United States is trying to impose energy domination

energy domination

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The energy domination policy launched by the US President Donald Trump opposes Washington to Moscow. Last summer the US President promised assistance to his Polish counterpart, Andrzej Duda, to overcome his dependence on Russia. Trump has proposed to supply Poland with US gas, “so you will never be hostage to a single supplier”.
So the United States raised one of the Europe’s biggest concerns – Russia may stop the supply of natural gas. This has already happened when Moscow and Kiev argued about the price of natural gas.
Six months after talks between Donald Trump and Andrzej Duda, Poland has already signed contracts for the import of liquefied gas, oil and coal from the United States. Warsaw also said it would not extend its deal with Gazprom after it expires in 2022.
This is just an episode that shows how the US is implementing its policy of energy domination. Washington is also starting to exploit the growing opportunities for gas exports to gain geopolitical influence.
The administration of Donald Trump can actually benefit from the boom in the US energy sector and the energy market situation. Now we have to see how cleverly Washington is going to play these strong cards as competition remains with other major energy product exporters and potential trade disputes.
However, the first signals are promising – Lithuania, Ukraine, China, Japan are among the 30 countries that have already signed contracts for gas delivery from the United States. China is even becoming the second-largest US LNG importer after Canada.
Russia does not threat the opposition as political, but as purely commercial. Gazprom Deputy Director Alexander Medvedev is downplaying the influence of US liquefied gas in Europe. In front of investors in London, he compared the supply of the Russian gas giant to Europe with a glass of tea, and US supplies added “a few drops of cognac or whiskey to this glass”.
Moreover, Gazprom has stable ties with countries in Eastern Europe, and plans to build further gas pipelines.