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US Business: The trade war cost us 1.4 billion USD per month

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Coalition of US business groups, which opposed to the President Donald Trump’s duties, initiated an ad campaign to inform voters ahead of November’s mid-term elections that Washington’s measures against imported goods from China and other countries cost the American businesses and consumers 1.4 billion USD per month.

The coalition says that in the state of Michigan, the negative impact of tariffs has risen the price of a range of products triple, while in Texas, Illinois and West Virginia there is a double increase in prices of certain goods.

“These duties are a burden on US businesses and consumers”, said Coalition spokeswoman, Angela Hoffman, adding: “They are not paid by other countries, but by American citizens and US companies”.

The campaign of these groups is targeted at the Republicans in Congress from five states – Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana and Tennessee. Several meetings with mayors and other representatives of local authorities have been planned.

The coalition will also launch a digital advertising campaign that blames Donald Trump for preparing new customs duties on imported goods, while the negative impact of previous similar actions continues to stifle US businesses.

The target is to encourage voters to oppose Donald Trump’s duties and policy during the November mid-term elections.

The coalition includes groups representing some of the largest US companies.

So far, the US President’s administration has imposed duties on Chinese imports with annual turnover of 250 billion USD.