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Whole Foods brand supported Amazon's grocery sales in the US

Whole Foods

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The products branded Whole Foods supported Amazon to generate more grocery sales in the US last year. The products with this brand have contributed to the surge in revenue from the online food service sales of Amazon, called Amazon Fresh. The growth is from 35% to 135 million USD in the last four months of 2017 compared to the previous four month period.
Amazon acquired Whole Foods last summer, trying to build its own food service to grab a larger share of this increasingly competitive market.
Best-selling goods include organic baby spinach, grated parmesan, smoked bacon and others.
The company sold natural and organic food for about 11 million USD last year. However, the amount is small compared to the sales of the supermarket competitors.
The organic brands Kroger have generated nearly 2 billion USD in sales revenue last year, while Albertons Cos announced this month that its organic line has reported 1 billion USD in annual sales revenue.
But industry analysts say that Whole Foods’ products help Amazon Fresh to compete with online food sales companies.
The internet orders for food represent less than 3% of the nearly 800-billion-dollar grocery market. The analysts expect this share to grow at a two-digit pace over the next five years.
Amazon sold in the US food for about 2 billion USD last year. Only 350 million USD of them came from the Amazon Fresh service.