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Guy Stanley Philoche from New York has been an artist for 20 years now. The life of an artist is not easy. He knows that first-hand experience.

His family immigrated from Haiti to the US when he was only three. To cope with the strange culture and settings, Philoche learned to get through life by watching cartoons and drawing Disney characters. It helped him learn English and also express his voice.

Fast forward twenty years later, Guy Stanley Philoche is now a famous artist in New York. But, he still remembers the struggle he endured trying to break into the art industry. “But throughout those years, I had no one open a door for me. It was me going through the back door, the window until I found a way in the room by myself. Now that I have a seat at the table and I actually have a voice, I vowed to myself to open that door for other artists.” Philoche recalled.

When the quarantine order hit in March, Philoche talked to his friend who just had a baby and lost his job at the same time. He was panicking, so Philoche offered to buy a painting from him. The friend was grateful for the gesture. Philoche realized right there that other artists might be in the same position as well.

Because of the pandemic, galleries closed throughout the country, not just New York. Buying art was not the first thing on people’s minds. That jeopardized the livelihood of so many artists who were already struggling. Guy Stanley Philoche decided to post on Instagram, asking artists to message him their works. If he liked the artworks, he would buy them.

His phone rang nonstop. To date, he has spent more than $65,000 buying other artists’ works, up to $500 for each artwork. He is not planning to stop any time soon. Because of Philoche’s campaign, more collectors have found new artists to support as well.

Philoche’s life philosophy is “sell a painting, buy a painting.” He believes in giving back when someone buys his works.

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