Why Mike and Judy Sullivan Made 1,400 Toys - Finance and Markets

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It turns out Santa Claus and his wife are real! OK. They don’t look like the usual portrayal you usually see on TV or giant billboards. But it doesn’t matter because they’re doing the same thing: giving away free toys to kids everywhere.

Mike and Judy Sullivan are a couple from Desert Hot Springs, California. Mike is a 26-year Army veteran. Both of them are now retired from their jobs.

According to CNN, 72-year-old Mike told them that he was bored in retirement and needed something to do. When they signed up for a woodworking club, one of their assignments was to build toys for kids for Christmas.

When they saw those kids’ joy, they knew right away, making toys was their calling then.

Fast forward seven years to 2020, Mike and Judy Sullivan are still working in their woodshop every day.

“We’re both in good health and are able to be out here six to seven days a week for eight to ten hours,” Mike Sullivan said. “It’s so much fun. It feels like home here in the shop working things out.”

Mike is good with cutting wood, drilling bits, and making patterns. Judy helps with testing out the toys and decorate them. They have made countless trains, cars, trucks, pull and push toys, even educational toys like the alphabet and jigsaw puzzles.

The Sullivans have been giving away toys to kids in need for seven years. 2020 is a harsh year. Together, they have made over 1,400 toys. They are delivering toys everywhere in the US, as far as Indiana and Texas.

They not only give the toys for free but also pay to ship them. Last year, they spent about $19,000 of their own money on toy supplies and shipping fees. This year, their daughter convinced them to open a GoFundMe. To date, the campaign has garnered more than $20,000 and counting.

What can you do today to show kindness?

If you think you can’t help someone because of some difficulty you’re going, you’re mistaken. Look at this retired couple. At the end of their lives, Mike and Judy Sullivan are¬†still not sitting around enjoying their retirement. Instead, they hustle and reach to help others who are in need. Whatever excuses you have for not helping, step on them, stomp all over them, and help people anyway.

If you decided to do or know of an act of kindness, email [email protected] so we could share it with everyone.

h/t: cnn
Image: Google