Xiaomi officially enters on the British market | Finance and Markets

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The world’s fourth-largest smartphone maker Xiaomi officially entered the British market this week with the international debut of its flagship Mi 8 Pro, which hopes to win the market dominated by Samsung and Apple.

Xiaomi Senior Vice President, Wang Xiang, said the UK is one of the major global technology centers. “This is a vibrant place with young people, which largely matches our culture – we want to be the coolest company in the minds of our fans”, commented he.

Xiaomi, which leaked in July and had a market capitalization of about 44 billion USD, initially headed to other Asian markets for its international expansion, especially to India where it managed to outperform Samsung as the top smartphone retailer earlier year.

The company founded in 2010 made its European debut in Spain a year ago. This year, Xiaomi officially entered France and Italy.

In August, the company said its foreign earnings for the quarter ended June 30 increased more than doubled on an annual basis.

The Xiaomi product line in the UK is led by the Mi 8 Pro, which has dual AI, 6.21-inch AMOLED screen, pressure-sensitive display, fingerprint reader and transparent glass for the panel.

The company’s products will be sold online as well as in physical stores, including its own Xiaomi store, which will open on November 18th.