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YouTube stepping up its efforts against fake news


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The users of the YouTube video platform will see some new features in the future that will help curb fake news. That’s what its mother company Google Alphabet announced in a post on its corporate blog.

YouTube intends to display more prominent videos with reliable news sources. This will happen mostly in situations where the news is not yet clear and rumors spread quickly, for example, just after a natural disaster or after a shootout. So far, in such cases, YouTube has a lot of problems: for example, suspicious videos have emerged for many users shortly after an attack in Las Vegas with dozens of deaths and multiple injuries. In the video, among other things, the theory is that the attack at a festival of provincial music has not happened, and the cadres have shown actors who have played it all.

Since it took time to create videos, YouTube intends to rely on short press briefing texts (headlines) from established media in the future. They must inform immediately after the event what happened and about the current situation. The texts should appear in video search results.

YouTube will also warn consumers that the news is still confusing and that not all of the information is unknown.

It remains unclear what news sources YouTube will consider as reliable. The definition is “floating”, but in no case should only be taken into account the popularity only. According to Youtube director, 10,000 Google employees will track search results worldwide and find reliable channels on YouTube.

The video platform also announced that 25 million USD would be invested in the next few years to combat disinformation. Part of the money will be for news organizations around the world, which should be able to build a functioning video service.

YouTube has been having trouble with big advertisers for some time. Over the past few years, a number of companies have complained or reduced their regular ad reservations as their ads have appeared on problematic videos, whether they are full of hate speech or videos with conspiracy theories. YouTube has responded to these issues with adjustments to the earnings policy.