How a sports reporter accidentally raised $55,000 to help people - Finance and Markets

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Have you ever set out to do something, and it turned into something else you never expect? Utah Jazz reporter Andy Larsen just experienced this miracle before Christmas.

When his mom called him before Thanksgiving, she told Andy Larsen that she had found an old Spongebob piggy bank in his childhood bedroom. They guessed there was about 60 dollars worth of coins in it.

Larsen was excited to drive home to pick up the spare change he had accumulated since little. What was in Spongebob shocked him: $165.84.

Not knowing what to do with the extra money, he came to Twitter to help how he could best use it. He indicated that anyone who needed help could contact him directly.

Someone replied to his tweet and offered to donate $150 through Venmo to help more people. Andy Larsen wasn’t expecting any donation from his post. His mind was blown even more 24 hours when 992 people had donated more than $55,000 and 192 messages asking for help.

He set out to donate some small change, and yet the response was overwhelming. Larsen had to take down all the names and determine if they’re legitimate. In the end, he was able to help 64 families with cash, 15 families with rent, 26 people with car repair or utility bills, nine families with groceries, and others with medical debt.

What can you do today to show kindness?

You never know what your impact would be if you don’t do it. So let’s get started doing something nice, regardless of how small it might be. An unexpected miracle might happen in front of your eyes.

If you decided to do or know of an act of kindness, email [email protected] so we could share it with everyone.

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