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US banks

The six largest US banks reported a profit of more than 100 billion USD

The US reporting season started with full speed, bringing strong support to the Wall Street markets. Major banks already posted their earnings statements during...
EPS estimates

US business EPS estimates lowered in the fourth quarter

The week was dominated by positive finance and economic news, which kept the Wall Street indexes up in five consecutive sessions. Thus most of...
market earnings

S&P 500 earnings expected to grow by 11.8% in Q4

The new year started with big turbulence on the world markets. The uncertainty around the US-China trade relations, the unstable oil prices and forecasts...
US business

US companies end the year with high earnings growth

S&P 500 ends the year with the highest earnings growth in 8 years. The estimated earnings growth rate for 2018 is 20.3%. All 11...

Strong corporate earnings reports before Christmas

With the end of the year approaching, the last corporate financial statements are on way. In terms of estimate revisions for companies in the...



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