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Edward Lorenz once asked if “the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas” at the 139th meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The idea is that some complex actions occur might lead to worldwide unpredictable behaviors. It is called chaos theory and is still up for debate.

Now, I am not one that is into all this science talk. However, if you look at this story today, you might agree with me that the butterfly effect might be real, after all.

The year was 2013. Ted Bartling of Utah was wanting to donate one of his kidneys to help someone in need.

He understood the complicated process involved with donating a kidney but was willing to go through with it. Interviewing with Yahoo Shine, Bartling noted that “For at least 15 years, donating a kidney had been on my mind […]. I can do small things for people, but sometimes we have to do bigger things if we are capable of.”

This is where our story takes a turn for the better. When Ted started the donating process, he was notified about three patients who needed a kidney transplant.

The first was Juan Romero, 45 years old, with a rare B- blood type. Brandy Jess, 40 years old, was the second person, and the third was Beckham Fershtut, 2 years old.

All three of them could not find suitable donors. Juan’s blood type was too rare to find the right donor. Brandy’s friend, Kristy Buffington, wanted to help her, but she was not a match. Beckham’s parents tried to help him as well, but they weren’t the right people either.

Here came Ted, the one that would kickstart a donating chain.

Ted was a suitable match for Brandy Jess.

Kristy Buffington was inspired and found out that she was a match for Beckham Fershtut. Beckham was on the verge of needing dialysis, so the timing couldn’t be more right.

Beckham’s father, Ari, was a great candidate for Juan Romero.

They proceeded with the donation, and all three people were saved that day!

What if Ted Bartling never went through with his donation? We do not really know. We know now that because Ted donated, Kristy did, and Ari followed through. A good, brave deed led to more good and courageous acts.

What can you do today to show kindness?

Life sometimes requires you to be brave to do something good. Maybe it is time to stop reasoning away why you cannot and just do it. Be the one who makes the butterfly effect a real thing.

If you decided to do or know of an act of kindness, email [email protected] so we could share it with everyone.

h/t: americanscientist, inspireconversation
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