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Ever had problems with getting kids to read instead of sticking to the screen all the time? What do you do when the library is not accessible? In Jennifer Martin’s case, she opened her own library, duh.

Jennifer Martin has been an elementary teacher in Austin, Texas, for 20 years. She loves collecting children’s books. Every week, she would grab dozens of 50-cent books at a surplus bookstore.

She had collected more than 1,500 books. When she noticed that the closest library was 15 miles away, she decided to open her own public library from her own garage.

She said, “the stars just aligned that I don’t have children, and I don’t have a garage full of toys, so I have the space.”

Jennifer Martin’s library operates on an honor system where the kids can pick out 2 books to read. When they are done, they return those books and pick out 2 more.

Without a doubt, kids in the neighborhood flocked to the library. That’s where they interact with each other and with Miss Martin these days due to online learning. They talk about books and the love of delivery. That is all Jennifer Martin ever wanted.

Jennifer Martin saw a shortcoming, and she, using what she had, did something about it. The same principle can be applied in finance and business.

You do not need to spend extra money on the latest technology if you can use what you have to improve your business. Sometimes less is more. Be innovative and use the resources you already own like Jennifer Martin did.

h/t: goodmorningamerica
Image: Google