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Have you ever looked at a stranger and thought you would give them something immediately? Officer Dennis Rowe gave Craig Magby something, and he didn’t regret it one bit.

Saturday, August 29, 2020, in Hapeville, GA, was a super hot day. Officer Rowe was working an off-duty job that day. All of a sudden, he saw a man walked toward his direction, tired and worn.

As he approached the man, he learned that man was Craig Magby. Mr. Magby works at a Walmart nearby.

After a few minutes of conversation, Officer Dennis Rowe learned two things: Mr. Magby traveled to work by bike, and someone recently stole it. Hence, Craig Magby had to walk to work that day.

Realizing the inconvenience, Officer Rowe immediately knew what he needed to do. He remembered that he had recently bought a brand new bike for a camping trip a few weeks ago. He used it one time and left it in the garage since.

Officer Dennis Rowe knew the bike would be more useful to Mr. Magby because he would use it every day. Without telling Mr. Magby, he surprised the man with the bike on Monday.

Craig Magby was undoubtedly grateful for the kindness by saying: “I had talked to God about it. He was like consider it done and he sent Officer Rowe my way. I’m grateful, thankful.”

What can you do today to show kindness?

A small gesture changes everything for someone. If you keep your heart open, you might change someone’s life forever by offering some kindness.

If you decided to do or know of an act of kindness, email [email protected] so we could share it with everyone.

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