Wealth Creation Tips and Strategies with Gary Pinkerton, Ep 036 - Finance and Markets

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Even as a teenager Gary Pinkerton was inspired by the creative problem solving that is required of all entrepreneurs. He followed that passion and now he is an expert in wealth creation. On this episode, he shares his journey from his family farm to Navy submarines, and finally to real estate investment. His approach to wealth is long-term and focused on sustainability. I was honored to interview such an accomplished individual and I know you will be just as inspired as I am by his strategies for wealth creation. Watch or listen to this episode today!

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Outline of This Episode

  • [1:15] Meet guest Gary Pinkerton and hear his story
  • [4:42] Gary shares how he became a Commander on a Navy submarine
  • [7:33] Learn why Gray’s time at sea inspired him to become an entrepreneur
  • [11:53] Discover why real estate is such a valuable source of passive income
  • [16:06] Some practical tips for using your “Working Years” to their full potential
  • [20:45] Find out what people do when they manage to replace their income
  • [23:30] How to find fulfillment in your career according to Gary
  • [26:25] Get connected to cashflow hacks for first responders and military personnel

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The Commander of a Navy submarine shares why he retired from the military

Gary had been serving in the Navy long enough to become a commander of his own submarine. While he loved his work, the deployments were taking a toll on his family. It became clear that a choice had to be made about whether he should continue in the military or pursue other options. During his last deployment, personal events inspired him to start looking more seriously into wealth creation. On this episode hear his first-hand account of how his experience in the navy combined with his desire to create a better quality of life for his family led him to real estate investment.

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Find out how to use the “working years” to their full potential and create a better quality of life

The “working years” are the time in our life when we work for our income. Gary explains that our ability to work is an asset for wealth creation that we do not have in other seasons of life. If wise investments are made during the working years it is possible to prepare for a comfortable lifestyle in retirement. Finding the right ways to invest – and when – are the answers we are all seeking. Gary’s goal is to help people discover their strengths and find the best answer to those questions for their situation. Take time to get free, quality, advice from an experienced wealth creation advisor on this episode.

Learn why real estate is still a wise investment, if not the best investment

Investing in real estate is an old idea, but is it still a good one? According to Gary’s experience; yes! He explains from a historical perspective why using real estate to create wealth is still a wise idea for today and for your future. He gives tips on what makes a good investment property and how to make the most of them. He also shares his long-term plan for making real estate investment even more profitable and practically risk-free. If you have been on the fence about investing in real estate this is an interview that is sure to make up your mind. Check out this episode and get started today.

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Find out what happens after you replace your income

Most of us desire to replace our income so that we can quit the jobs that are draining the life out of us. However, did you know that many people who successfully replace their income choose not to quit their jobs? Gary explains that when people have the option to leave their job they don’t mind going to work anymore. Why is that? As an example, Gary shares his wife’s journey with wealth creation. Specifically, he shares the changes she made that inspired her to continue at her job after she had replaced that income. He also shares what she did once she was she was making twice as much as she had planned! Let her story inspire you by checking out this episode.

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